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Finally, an affordable and easy way to quickly assess sperm motility in the field.

The A.I. Handycope is a high-powered portable microscope designed as a fast and reliable method of motility screening in artificial insemination applications. Using the A.I. Handycope, you can quickly assess the motility of the sample either after collection or prior to insemination.

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Paul Loomis, Select Breeders Service

In my experience the Hamilton Research (HRi) Equitainer remains the gold standard for equine cooled semen shipping containers. I have used Equitainers extensively for more than 20 years to reliably ship thousands of doses of cooled semen around the country.
Susanne Hassler, Hilltop Farm

The Equitainer is the only way to reliably service mares with cooled semen, especially in North America where a stallion’s semen must be shipped great distances. We depend on the Equitainer to sustain the viability of cooled semen during the challenges of transit, like extreme heat and delays.
Vaughn Cook, Royal Vista Equine, Inc.

I have used the Hamilton Equitainers I and II since their start back in 1981. They are the gold standard for shipped cooled semen. I was also one of the first to ship embryos in them and still do so to this day, I wouldn’t trust anything else.
Lisa Metcalf, DVM, Honahlee PC

As a theriogenologist, I rely on The Equitainer to do its part on protecting and preserving valued genetic material for horse breeders.

G.R. Longworth, VMD, Outwest Stallion Station

Our customers comment that the sight of a blue Equitainer on the receiving end of a semen shipment instills confidence that they are receiving a superior product.

Jos Mottershead, Equine-Reproduction.com

There is no doubt in my mind that the Equitainer is the most durable, efficient and effective transport container for cooled semen.

Julie Klug, Powderhorn Creek Ranch

When we started offering shipped semen from our stallions, I knew immediately I wanted to invest in Equitainers for the shipping process. It's truly a lifetime investment.

Nancy Lee Wight, Rockin' Heart Ranch

I have experienced first hand the excellent keeping ability of the Equitainer to ensure the safest, most reliable results for shipping semen. I trust that this product has the "pedigree" in research and performance required to get semen delivered to our mare owners in excellent condition.

Deanna Akin, Devon Farms

We ship hundreds of times every breeding season and our conception rates are excellent on first shipments. We attribute a lot of this success to our Equitainers and the fact that our semen always arrives in top form.

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