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Benefits of Cooled Canine Semen Transport
with the Rover

ROVER Dispsoable Shipper $38.00

Benefits of Breeding with Cooled Transported Canine Semen

For the bitch owner:

  • No need to ship the bitch to the stud. This is especially crucial when the weather is too hot or too cold, or if you have a high-stress bitch who does not fare well when shipping by air. It is also less costly to ship the semen than it is the bitch.
  • Unlimited choice of studs from which to choose. You no longer need to be restricted by geographical location which opens up a wider field for your pedigree. Now it is easier to breed to a stud that will improve
    upon your bitch.
  • The stud's show schedule doesn't interfere with breeding. Even if the stud is not home, he can be collected and the ejaculate shipped to you.
  • Less worry for you about the health and well-being of your bitch.
  • Behavioral problems of the bitch do not interfere with breeding.
  • Less risk of sexually transmitted disease.
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For the stud owner:

  • More bitches available to improve upon your stud's pedigree - allowing you to choose bitches based on breed standards rather than geography.
  • Your stud's show schedule does not have to be interrupted, as may happen for natural breedings.
  • Semen quality and quantity is checked whenever a collection is performed. Thus, you can monitor the reproductive status of your stud and notice potential problems immediately.
  • Behavioral problems of the stud do not interfere with breeding.
  • Less risk of sexually transmitted disease.

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Benefits of Using the Rover

  • The Rover is the only cooled semen that can be opened and inspected by airport security without damage to the cooling regime within the container. (Please see important information on the new regulations for counter-to-counter shipping.)
  • The Rover is the least expensive shipper for cooled canine semen on the market today.
  • The Rover is based on the proven and reliable technology of the Equitainer system - the "gold standard" in the horse breeding industry.
  • The Rover is made by a trusted and respected company with years of experience in the reproductive industry - a company that stands behind its products.

Rover Customer Testimonials

Brent Sewell, Top of the Line Kennels (specializing in Bullterriers)

"Thank you for your great products, with which I have had great success. The two times that I have used the Rover resulted in successful pregnancies and I would recommend the Rover to anyone who wants great results. Feel free to contact me at Top of the Line Kennels." ("

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