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Kenney Extender for Canine Semen

Canine Kenney Extender
10ml: $10.50
  100ml: $19.95
  • The ONLY unfrozen canine semen extender
  • Does not need to be shipped on dry ice or by overnight shipping
  • Convenient single use dose that can travel with you, without need of keeping it cold!
  • Easy to mix:
    • Simply open bottle of sterile water
    • Using scissors, snip off a corner of the foil pack containing the Kenney Extender mix
    • Pour Kenney Extender mix into sterile water
    • Close water bottle and shake well to mix
  • Unused Kenney Extender may be frozen after mixing for up to 2 months
  • Available in 10 ml and 100 ml quantities.

Sample of Canine Sperm extended in Kenney Extender and shipped and stored in Rover for 2 days.

48 hours post-collection sample showed 85% motility and 66% progressive motility (analyzed on IVOS sperm analyzer Jan. 31, 2008).

Sample courtesy Puppychase Kennels English Bulldogs.