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Components of the Rover

ROVER Dispsoable Shipper $38.00


RoverRover Features & Benefits

  • Foam insulator block protects sample from extremes of climate and maintains sample temperature
  • Unique internal design means cooling is not affected by position during shipping
  • May be opened by airport security without compromising cooling regime
  • Box opens lengthwise for easy packaging & removal
  • Convenient internal document holder
  • Lightweight: 2 lbs for inexpensive shipping


What You Get

  • 1 Disposable Rover Container (outer box and styrofoam interior and cover)
  • 1 Foam Insulator Block
  • 1 Freezer Pack
  • 2 Air-Tite Syringes (10cc) with Caps
  • Instruction Booklet


Replacement Part Costs

Replacement Freezer Pack: $12.05
Replacement Insulator Block: $17.60
Replacement 10cc Syringes (set of 2 with caps): $3.35