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Rover Instructions

These instructions do not include information on semen collection. Please consult with your veterinarian for semen collection procedures.

Preparation for Collection

  • Store the Freezer Pack in a deep freezer for at least 24 hours. It is very important that the freezer pack is placed on a flat service (e.g. cookie sheet, cutting board) when freezing. The design of the Rover allows for little extra room inside the Styrofoam insert. If the Freezer Pack is bent or distorted during the freezing process, this may cause difficulty in closing the box. Note: If a deep freezer is not available, a standard freezer may be used, but freezer time should be increased to 48 hours.
  • For best results, the syringes and any equipment that will come in contact with the semen should be stored in an incubator set at 37°C (99ºF) prior to use. If this is not possible, they may be kept at room temperature (70ºF).
  • The Rover and Foam Insulator Block may be left at room temperature.
  • Mix or thaw the semen extender (see previous section for instructions on mixing Kenney Extender). Maintain the semen extender at 37°C (99ºF) until ready to extend the semen. If the semen extender does not already contain antibiotics, add the appropriate antibiotic to the semen extender and mix gently.
  • Prepare the collection materials as usual.

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Extending the Semen

Dilution should occur within 5 minutes after collection for best results. If left unextended for greater than 15 minutes, sperm survivability may be greatly decreased.

The raw ejaculate should be diluted at least 1 part semen to 3 parts extender. Use the dilution chart below to determine how much extender to add to the semen to achieve a 1:3 dilution.

Raw Semen
Extender to Add (ml)
0.5 1.5
0.75 2.25
1.0 3.0
1.25 3.75
1.5 4.5
1.75 5.25
2.0 6.0
2.25 6.75
2.5 7.5
2.75 8.25
3.0 9.0
3.25 9.75
3.5 10.50

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Packaging the Semen

  1. Draw up to 2.5 ml of the raw ejaculate into one 10cc syringe.
  2. Using the chart above, slowly draw the correct amount of extender into the syringe. Rotate to mix.
  3. Remove any air from the syringe and replace the protective cap on the syringe tip.
  4. Label the syringe with the dog's name and other pertinent information.
  5. If there is any raw semen left over, the second syringe may also be filled as described above.

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Loading the Foam Insulator Block

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: All openings in the foam insulator block must be occupied with filled syringes or the 50 ml Centrifuge Tube. Even if you are only sending one dose of semen, it is vital that the second opening is also filled. This may be accomplished using a syringe filled with water.

  1. Place one labeled 10cc syringe filled with extended semen into one of the openings of the foam insulator block
  2. If shipping two doses, place the second labeled 10cc syringe tube filled with extended semen into the second port.
  3. If you are only shipping one dose of semen, fill the empty 10cc syringe to capacity with warm water (at 37°C/99ºF). Label the syringe to indicate that the tube contains only water and should not be used for insemination. Place the syringe into the empty port.
  4. Twist the syringes so that the "syringe" tabs are parallel to the long edge of the Foam Insulator Block (see Figure 1). This is VERY important.
  5. Fill the 50cc Centrifuge Tube with warm water (at 37°C/99ºF). Insert into the center port of the Foam Insulator Block. The cap of the Centrifuge Tube should "cover" the syringe tabs (Figure 2). This is required to secure the syringes in the Foam Insulator Block.
Figure 1
Figure 2

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Loading the Rover

  1. Place frozen Freezer Pack at the bottom of the container.
  2. Put the Foam Insulator Block containing the syringes into the cut out area of the styrofoam insert. It will only fit in one direction.
  3. Insert the small rectangular blue Foam Retainer Block between the two syringes, so that it fits snugly between the Centrifuge Tube cap and the side of the Styrofoam insert (Figure 3). Use of the Foam Retainer Block combined with positioning the syringe tabs under the Centrifuge Tube cap keeps the syringes securely in place during shipping.
  4. Place the Styrofoam lid on top.
  5. Place the paperwork into the depression of the Styrofoam lid.
  6. Close the box lid and tape securely.
Figure 3

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