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Canine Breeders Now have a New Choice for
Transporting Cooled Semen!

ROVER Dispsoable Shipper $38.00

"I tell everyone that wants to breed to my stud dogs that I ONLY use Rover kits!! You cant go wrong with 100% success so far with Rover." Kathy Wilkins, Lochlyn Shelties Oct. 2009

That’s right! At Hamilton Research, Inc. we have worked “doggedly” to develop the new Rover for the transport of cooled canine semen. Now, dog breeders around the world can benefit from the same proven and reliable technology that revolutionized the horse breeding industry.

The disposable Rover cools the extended semen at a controlled rate and maintains it at a temperature for optimal sperm survivability. And at a low purchase price, the Rover is the most affordable option for shipping cooled canine semen.

We also offer powdered Kenney Extender - the only unfrozen extender for canine semen!

For those who prefer a reusable transport system, our Equitainer I system may also be used for shipping cooled canine semen.

Read the article, A Cool Way to Enhance Your Breeding Program, published in the inaugural edition of Positively Pitbull magazine.

Sample of Canine Sperm extended in Kenney Extender and shipped and stored in Rover for 2 days.

48 hours post-collection sample showed 85% motility and 66% progressive motility (analyzed on IVOS sperm analyzer Jan. 31, 2008).

Sample courtesy Puppychase Kennels.


Hamilton Research

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