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A Brief Overview of Our Products

Equitainer: Currently available in the two models (Equitainer I and the disposable Clipper), the Equitainer is the gold standard of the industry for transportation of cool semen.

Rover Disposable Cooled Semen Shipper: Now dog breeders can benefit from the same proven technology that revolutionized the horse breeding industry.

MiniTherm Stage Warmer: A durable and portable option to maintain sperm samples at the required temperature for accurate microscopic motility analysis.

Kenney Extender: Developed by Dr. Robert Kenney of the University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center, Kenney Extender is a trusted extender for stallion and canine semen.

Disposable AV Liners: Disposable AV liners remove the drudgery from cleaning your AV and prevent cross-contamination between stallions. Choose from two types of disposable AV liners for the Missouri and Colorado model AVs.

Target Progesterone Kit: Measure progesterone level in the blood to help pinpoint ovulation and determine optimum time for insemination.

Stallion and Mare Owner Handbooks: Great, easy-to-read resources for those new to breeding with transported semen and A.I.

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