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The Clipper Components

Clipper Container (1)

Consists of an outer cardboard box and inner, molded Styrofoam insert and cover.

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Freezer Block (1)

A durable, quick freeze pack that provides the cooling source. This must be stored flat in a deep freezer at least 24 hours prior to shipment.

Replacement Freezer Block: $12.05

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Foam Insulator Block (1) and Syringes (set of 2 with caps)

Replacement Insulator Block: $17.60
Replacement 50cc Syringes: $5.45
Replacement 20cc Syringes: $3.52

A free-standing foam insulation block into which the filled syringes are inserted and which helps control the cooling process. Included are two 20cc or 50cc, AirTite®, non-toxic, sterile syringes (syringe volume depends on the system ordered). Also Included with 20cc system is a 50cc centrifuge tube that is used either for water ballast or for shipping additional extended semen.

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Foam Retainer Block

Included with 20cc system only, the Foam Retainer Block (top) is a small rectangular piece of foam, used along with the 50cc centrifuge tube to hold the syringes in place during shipment (bottom).