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About the Clipper

Clipper Disposable Shipper: $28.00
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Introducing the Revolutionary Clipper Disposable System for Transported Semen with New Convenient Carry Handle!

The Reliability of the Equitainer at a Disposable Cost

The Clipper is newest member of the Equitainer family of products. Combining the “gold standard” technology of the Equitainer with the cost-effectiveness of a disposable shipper, the revolutionary Clipper gives you both the reliability and value you need.

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Don't Leave Sample Cooling to Chance

The cooling rate inside the Clipper is regulated and is not affected by “luck of the draw.” The Clipper is the only disposable system that utilizes the "conduction" method of cooling semen in which heat is transferred between two solid objects in contact with each other. (While the term "heat" may seem contradictory to what you might expect in a cooling system, it simply means that heat is removed from the sample, instead of coldness being sent into the sample.) Other disposable systems use a "convection" method, which means that cooling depends on random air movement within the container, and this type of cooling process is dependent on the position of the container. Thanks to its unique design, the Clipper's cooling process is not affected by the position of the container during shipping. Thus, the cooling rate of the Clipper is always strictly controlled - regardless of whether it is upside down or right side up during shipping!

Clipper Internal

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Compliance with New Airport Security

With the necessity for increased airport security, you can still be confident that your valuable shipment will not be damaged. The Clipper is the only disposable container that can be opened by airline security without risk to the integrity of the cooling process.

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50 ccClipper Features

  • Choice of either 50cc or 20cc syringes
  • Foam insulator block protects sample from extremes of climate and maintains sample temperature
  • Unique internal design means cooling is not affected by position during shipping
  • Durable, non-toxic freezer pack
  • Box opens lengthwise for easy packaging & removal
  • Convenient internal document holder
  • Lightweight: 2 lbs for inexpensive shipping
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20 ccWhat You Get

  • 1 Disposable Clipper Container
  • 1 Foam Insulator Block
  • 1 Freezer Pack
  • 2 Air-Tite Syringes (either 50cc or 20cc)
  • Instruction Booklet
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Physical Specifications

The Clipper is constructed of heavy cardboard with a molded styrofoam interior, into which the foam insulator block containing the extended semen doses (in either 50cc or 20cc syringes) is placed. A styrofoam cover is included.

  • Dimensions: 14.75" x 9" x 7"
  • Shipping Weight (fully loaded): 4 lb
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The Disposable Clipper, including all components listed above, sells for $28.00 Buy Now
Quantity discount pricing available. Please call us at 800-367-0266 or email us for more information.

Replacement Parts:

  • Replacment Freezer Pack: $10.95 Buy Now
  • Replacement Foam Insulator Block: $16.00 Buy Now
  • Two 50cc Air-Tite Syringes: $4.50 Buy Now
  • Two 20cc Air-Tite Syringes: $3.20 Buy Now