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Benefits of Cooled Semen

Cooled Semen has Numerous Benefits for Both the Mare Owner and Stallion Owner

Benefits to the Mare Owner

Reduces Stress and Risk of Injury
Mares with young foals or mares that are difficult shippers do not need to be exposed to the stress of shipping to the stud farm. Also, the risk of injury during shipping or while boarded at the broodmare facility is removed. With transported semen, mares can be bred in the comfort of their own home and do not run the risk of slipping the foal when shipped home.

Choice of Stallions not Limited to Location
Before transported semen, mare owners were limited to stallions located within a reasonable shipping distance. Thanks to transported semen, breeding can be based on choosing the best stallion for your mare. This also enhances the genetic pool within geographic areas by opening the door to a wider selection of stallions.

Mare Owners are Involved
In addition to the covenience of keeping your mare at home, mare owenrs gain more personal satifaction by becoming an integral part of the breeding process.

Monitor Quality of Sperm
Mare owners can see the quality of sperm being inseminated.

Reduction of Disease Transmission
Chance ot transmission of venereal and other communicable diseases is reduced.

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Benefits to the Stallion Owner and Stud Farm

No Broodmare Care Required at the Stud Farm
Stud farms no longer need to board broodmares during the breeding season. This decreases the burden on the stud farm to accommodate multiple broodmares and ultimately reduces operating costs and enhanced profitabilty.

More Efficient Scheduling of the Stallion
With the ability to split ejaculates and store semen, stallions do not have to be collected numerous times per day.

Small Breeders also Benefit
Owners with only one or two stallions can manage their stallions at home and avoid costly collection centers. Stallions can remain at home, stay in work and continue competing.

Reduction of Disease Transmission
Chance of transmission of venereal and other communicable diseases is reduced.

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