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Getting Ready to Collect Semen

Storage of Equitainer Components Prior to Use

  • Coolant cans must be stored upside down in a deep freeze for at least 24 hours. Some small freezers are not always cold enough.
  • Centrifuge tubes, ballast bags, sterile cups and any equipment that comes into contact with the semen must be stored in an incubator set to 37°C at least 4 hours before to use.
  • The Equitainer and Isothermalizer may be left at room temperature.

Preparation for Collection

  • Mix the extender or thaw previously frozen extender. Add an appropriate antibiotic (if not already added).
  • Place the cup of extender in a water bath or incubator set to 37°C. It is critical that the extender is at 37°C before mixing it with semen.
  • Prepare the equipment necessary for measuring the motility and concentration of the semen. Slides and coverslips to be used for motility assessment should be warmed to 37°C.
  • Prepare the AV as usual for collection. Be sure to use a sterile filter, a non-spermidical lubricating gel (such as Priority Care), and avoid any types of contamination. Pay particular attention to the temperature of the AV, especially the tip and collection pouch during cold weather. Some AVs come with a separate insulated cover to keep the sample warm after collection. If this is not available, an oven mitt taped in place over the collection pouch makes a suitable substitute.
  • The stallion's penis should be washed gently with plain, warm water and then be allowed to air dry or patted dry with a paper towel. Washing with soaps or disinfectants upsets the natural balance of the bacteria and lets pathogens multiply.
  • After the semen is collected, immediately remove it from the collection pouch, place it in a sterile specimen cup and store at 37°C until ready to extend.
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