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Equitainer I: 70 Hour Sample Maintenance

EQUITAINER I - Tube Style : $249.00
EQUITAINER I - Cup Style : $249.00

Equitainer IPerfect for international shipping and for those times when you need an extra cushion of time, the Equitainer I offers the longest maintenance of your shipped semen. (We even had one customer tell us that a shipment delivered 5 days post-collection, due to a customs delay, still resulted in conception!) The Equitainer I also provides the highest level of protection against potential x-ray induced damage of the enclosed semen sample.

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Design Features

The Equitainer I has been designed to provide durability, convenience and sample protection. Features include:

  • Built-in x-ray protection: x-ray shielding in the Equitainer I lid reduces potential harmful effects of airport x-rays
  • Redesigned Isothermalizer: uses centrifuge tubes for easy sample handling (also perfect for shipping cooled embryos) and features built-in X-ray proetction
  • Recessed latch: increases durability during shipping and protects against bent latches
  • Recessed hinge: increases durability during shipping and prevents "popped" rivets
  • In-mold graphics: helps maintain a "just-like-new" appearance

What You Get

Equitainer I - Tube Style
(Complete System Shown )
Equitainer I - Cup Style
(Contents Only Shown))
Equitainer Tube Style Cup Style Inserts
1 Equitainer I Container
1 Equitainer I Container
1 Tube Style Isothermalizer 1 Cup Style Isothermalizer
2 Freezer Cans 2 Freezer Cans
6 Centrifuge Tubes (50 ml) 2 Ballast Bags
1 Spring Lock 1 Sterile Cup
Warning Label 1 Spring Lock
Instruction Booklet Warning Label
  Instruction Booklet


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Physical Specifications

The Equitainer I is constructed of molded polyethylene and copolymer, designed to withstand the rigors of repeated shipping. The spring lock, internal rubber ring and inherent insulation capability of the Equitainer create a airtight seal and maintain internal temperature.

  • Dimensions: 17 3/4 in. in height, 10 in. wide, 10 in. deep
  • Shipping Weight (fully loaded)
    • Tube Style: ~13 pounds
    • Cup Style: ~12 pounds


EQUITAINER I - Tube Style : $249.00
EQUITAINER I - Cup Style : $249.00
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