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AV Liners

Protect Your Stallions and Make Clean Up Easy!

Disposable AV Liners are a Simple, Safe and Cost-Effective Benefit to Both Stallion Owners and Veterinarians.


All Disposable AV Liners are available is packages of 10 for the following prices:

  • All-in-One AV Liner, Missouri or Colorado Model: $42.50 / pack of 10 - Buy Now
  • Regular AV Liners, Missouri or Colorado Model: $27.50 /pack of 10 - Buy Now
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What are Disposable AV Liners?

Disposable AV Liners are used in place of latex liners of the Colorado Model AV or inserted as an added barrier in the Missouri Model AV. The Disposable AV Liners are made of a supple, durable plastic that has been tested and proven non-spermicidal.

The Benefits of Using Disposable AV Liners

The Disposable AV Liner saves hundreds of hours of scrubbing and disinfecting AVs and latex liners for breeders using AI. At the same time, you also eliminate risk of cross-contamination between stallions.

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Two Different Types

To meet your collection needs, two types of Disposable AV Liners are available for both the Colorado and Missouri Model AVs.

  • The All-in-One AV Liner (above left) provides the added convenience of a built in filter and collection pouch. After collection, simply snip a corner of the collection pouch with scissor and transfer the filtered ejaculate to a warm, sterile specimen cup.
  • The Regular AV Liner (above right) is an open ended liner, which allows you to use a filter and collection container of your choice.
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Models for Both Missouri and Colorado AVs

Both the All-in-One and Regular Liners are avaialble in the Missouri and the Colorado styles. To ensure the best fit, AV Liner is designed differently for the Missouri and Colorado models, as shown in the images below. The Missouri Model has an asymetric collar and cone, while the Colorado Model is symmetrical throughout.

Missouri Model Colorado Model
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Select the AV model and type to download a PDF copy of the AV Liner instructions

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