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CASA Sperm Analyzers

Our founding company, Hamilton Thorne, is the premier manufacturer of CASA systems.

There are two types of CASA systems available:

  • The IVOS II is an integrated system that combines all the necessary optical, hardware and software components into a single unit (below left).
  • The CEROS II is a cost-effective alternative that uses an external microscope and camera (below right).

Both systems include customized software specific for the equine breeder. This software not only provides detailed and accurate assessment of sperm count, concentration, motility and velocity, but also automatically determines the proper dilution. You can also choose whether to base your dilution ratio on total sperm concentration or progressive sperm concentration.

Results are available within seconds. All results may be printed for inclusion with each shipment.

For more information on the IVOS and CEROS sperm analysis systems, visit the Hamilton Thorne website.