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A.I. Handycope Portable Microscope

A.I. Handycope : $179.99


Finally, an affordable and easy way to quickly assess sperm motility in the field.

The A.I. Handycope is a high-powered portable microscope designed as a fast and reliable method of motility screening in artificial insemination applications. Using the A.I. Handycope, you can quickly assess the motility of the sample either after collection or prior to insemination.

The A.I. Handycope is easy to handle and use, and the high-powered LED light guarantees clear and bright images even in dark working environments. It is powered by a lithium battery and can be carried anywhere it is required.


  • Handycope Unit: $179.99 - Buy Now
  • Replacement Polycarbonate Slides: call for pricing
  • Replacement Coverslips: call for pricing


  • High-Quality Professional Lenses
  • Portable Design and Simple Operation
  • Brightness and Long-Life LED Lighting
  • Long-Life Battery
  • Specially Designed Polycarbonate Slide with beveled edge that fits securely under objective
  • 200x total magnification

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How it Works

Note: For best motility estimation, the sample and slide should be warmed to body temperature.

  1. Invert the sample several times to suspend the sperm.
  2. Using the included disposable pipets, or a resuable pipettor, place a small drop (about 20 µl) of sample within the well of the polycarbonate slide.
  3. Place a the coverslip on top of well.
  4. Turn on the Handycope LED illumination using the on-off disc beneath the unit.
  5. Slip the polycarbonate slide under the objective, so that the well is directly beneath the objective lens. The beveled edges of the slide will hold it securely in place.
  6. Place the A.I. Handycope on a sturdy surface.
  7. While holding the bottom, look through the eyepiece. The image may be focused as needed by rotating the top half of the A.I. Handycope.

(A standard glass microscope slide may also be used.)

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About the Polycarbonate Slide

The Polycarbonate slide was specially designed for use with the A.I. Handycope unit. It reduces temperature effects on sperm motility and the beveled edges of the slide hold it securely in place under the objective. The well allows freer swimming motion of the sperm and allows the user to calculate a rough estimate of concentration. Limited reuse of the slide is possible with careful cleaning.

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What You Get

  • One A.I. Handycope Unit
  • 2 long-life Lithium batteries
  • 5 Polycarbonate slides
  • 100 coverslips (18mm x 18mm)
  • 4 disposable pipets
  • Sturdy carrying case

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A.I. Handycope : $179.99